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The Basement Dungeon   [Report bad link]
A FREE online community for people in Southern Ontario that are interested/involved in the BDSM lifestyle. Others are welcome to join but please realize it has a localized flavour. (Added on 03/30/2006 20:18:04)

DOMestic discussion list   [Report bad link]
DOMestic is very popular Fem Dom discussion group with over 5000 members. Moderated and free (Added on 11/15/1999 06:56:50)

Sandal High Heels Discussion   [Report bad link]
Discussion Board on everything about Sandal High Heels. (Added on 01/16/2006 14:43:04)

Fetish-News   [Report bad link]
A free weekly newsletter focused on epe/bdsm and popular fetishes. Reports on new additions at FetishClub, Wasteland and other top-ranked alternative lifestyle websites. News, events, questions and answers, sex laws, surveys, humour, trivia, recommendations, etc. The net's most popular fetish newsletter - over 40,000 fellow pervs have asked to receive Fetish-News. Try this weekly newsletter for yourself. You can miss out on a lot if you're not on this list. Send a blank email to Fetish-News to subscribe (free). (Added on 11/18/1999 23:22:33)

BDSM St. Catharines   [Report bad link]
Online discussion and support group hosted by Phoenix Niagara to serve the Southern Onatrio and western NY area. (Added on 11/01/2006 16:51:03)

Fetish Talk   [Report bad link]
Mistress reviews, safety advice and kinky tips...and all you need is an e-mail address to register (Added on 11/15/1999 06:30:49)

Informed Consent   [Report bad link]
Leading UK BDSM website, focusing on consensual Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and S&M and Fetish in the UK. (Added on 11/09/2000 23:42:26)

Ocmb.ORG   [Report bad link]
The Number 1 Femdom community. Active foot, trample and other footdom related fetish forums, exclusive full movies and photo galleries. (Added on 01/26/2005 16:45:15) - a BDSM community   [Report bad link]
Bringing a distinctive voice to the Web and the world of kinky sex. Offers free email, discussion boards, live chat, and multiplayer games. (Added on 11/30/1999 09:39:41)

Bondage-Inc Online Shop UK   [Report bad link]
100% FREE BDSM Forums, Chatrooms, Personals, BDSM Store offering 1000's of qulaity products, Resources, Links, Picture and Video Post Sharing, and MUCH more ~ the FREE Alternative to (Added on 07/05/2005 13:32:32)

BDSM San Antonio   [Report bad link]
This list is designed to keep the BDSM, D/s, and related communities in San Antonio informed and in contact with each other. (Added on 11/15/1999 07:02:24)

International Association of Rubberists   [Report bad link]
A large, exceptionally active, non-commercial community of Rubberists. It's purpose is to be an educational resource for adults with a fetish for garments of rubber, latex or PVC to help them overcome lonliness and isolation by exchanging information, literary commentary and fantasy with other like-minded Rubberists, to nurture comradeship, global Rubberist community and general well-being and to foster a sense of legitimacy as a group or subculture. (Added on 03/24/2000 19:55:11)

DSWWW   [Report bad link]
A discussion list for people who build and maintain websites with D/s content, which are not pornographic (Added on 11/15/1999 07:16:14)

AlaskaBDSM   [Report bad link]
a discussion list for kinky BDSMers in Alaska. Let's face it, Alaska is a big state. Through this list, Alaskans, who have kinky proclivities, can network, share information on upcoming Alaska BDSM events and get to know one another. Nope, you are not alone in the Great White North. Come on and join us! (Added on 12/04/1999 06:15:32)

Christian Femdom   [Report bad link]
The Christian_FemdomDs list is a form for members of the Femdom malesub community to discuss all areas of the D/s relationship from a Christian perspective (Added on 11/15/1999 07:08:52)

Mistress Julie's Mailing List   [Report bad link]
A free discussion mailing list for those interested in female domination, cbt, sissy training, bondage, submission, toilet training, Mistress relationships etc (Added on 11/15/1999 07:24:55)   [Report bad link]
Eisanna of SF and Thor of NY host a directory that incorporates the needs of both the submissive male and the Dominant female. In keeping with Thorplace's commitment to meeting the needs of the BDSM community in a Co-ed approach.Covering the US,Canada, the UK & Europ. (Added on 01/14/2001 23:57:20)

Miss-T's Forum   [Report bad link]
Mistress Tabitha's brand new forum is the place to be to make friends and discuss all BDSM issues, experiences and current events in Miss T's lifestyle and sessions. Its completely free, so what you subbies waiting for!!? (Added on 11/25/2005 15:28:52)

ELITE domination   [Report bad link]
Elite social femdom fetish networking community & verified directory. (Added on 03/18/2010 09:34:03)

Quips & Chains Fetish Blog   [Report bad link]
A lighthearted look at the Fetish/BDSM world, with videos, reviews, and featured fetishes. Updated daily. (Added on 04/11/2007 17:17:18)

BDSM message Boards   [Report bad link]
Lifestyle discussions. Seem pretty busy. (Added on 04/09/2002 05:32:43)

Lords and Angels   [Report bad link]
A website dedicated to "Learning & Growing" within BDSM. Extending information to help bridge the gap between realtime issues and/or vitual ones. Filled with ongoing discussion information. (Added on 08/31/2004 13:57:41)

The Forum   [Report bad link]
Australian based bdsm un-moderated discussion list for experienced and non experienced fetishists and scene enthusiasts who like to share D/s ideas, thoughts and experiences with like minded people. (Added on 11/05/2004 16:16:05)

Latin Outlaw's BDSM Roadhouse   [Report bad link]
The BDSM Roadhouse focuses on educating submissives, and teaching new comers about bdsm. Articles, a discussion forum, and links to resources on the net (Added on 11/15/1999 07:18:14)

The Iron Gate   [Report bad link]
New and growing BDSM resource and discussion site with forum, story/poetry/essay sharing and links. (Added on 09/01/2005 15:10:13)

Hogspy   [Report bad link]
Fetish News, Gossip & Rumours From Around The Globe (Added on 12/21/2009 21:34:54)

S_Ds   [Report bad link]
S_Ds is an e-mail list for dominants and submissives who love spanking. The intent of the list is to provide a friendly, nonjudgmental place for open discussion, growth, fun, and support. (Added on 11/15/1999 07:33:34)

Leather Boy   [Report bad link]
This list is a pansexual forum for Leatherfolk who play as boys, and those who love them. Being a boy can be more than being a butch bottom or submissive male; it's about energy. Let's talk about what makes us boys in Leather (Added on 11/15/1999 07:19:06)   [Report bad link]
KinkySpace is a new, free social network site for fetish loving adults. Like MySpace, KinkySpace has groups, photo sharing, forums, blogs, customizable profiles and much more! (Added on 01/21/2009 20:15:56)

BDSM Seattle   [Report bad link]
This List is for those living in the greater Seattle/Pacific Northwest Area who live a D/s - BDSM, TPE Alternative Lifestyle (Added on 11/15/1999 07:03:51)

BDSM Blog   [Report bad link]
Bdsm pic blog, bdsm blog (Added on 05/09/2006 20:54:33)

Arizona BDSM   [Report bad link]
The purpose of this site is to give the Phoenix BDSM Community a place to share information on local events, discuss topics, ask questions and make new friends (Added on 11/15/1999 06:58:17)

nl-latex-fetish   [Report bad link]
A dutch site about latex/rubber fetish, pictures (send your own!) and a fetish-party calendar (Added on 01/04/2005 16:00:44)

AltForums   [Report bad link]
adult community for alternative lifestyles. cuckolds, swingers, bdsm, exhibitionists. (Added on 05/05/2006 18:49:50)

My Dungeon Space   [Report bad link]
Join a new online BDSM community 100% kink & fetish friendly. Designed specifically to fit all fetish needs. Upload videos, pictures, forums, personals & classifieds. Registration is free (Added on 12/01/2006 19:06:02)

NEWLY ADDED - Also a real life shop, specialized into BDSM / Fetish. Check it out!

Ram Books - We have one of the largest collections of vintage erotic magazines. We stock a widespread selection of classic mens magazines from the 1950’s through to the present day. Whether its “stag” magazines, classic Playboy and Knave or more recent stylise erotica magazines you will find them within our site. Based in the UK, the home of British discipline, you will note that we are somewhat specialised in the following fields ……. Spanking, corporal punishment, scholastic discipline, female correction and humiliations. We also stock a large range of these specialist interests … Bondage, latex, fetish, stockings, high heels, female domination and BDSM.

Femdomina - ProDomme from Poland

Love and Fetish - Love and Fetish is the dating site for people with fetishes or kinks who are looking for love, romance and long term relationships.

Elite Findom - Mistress Arella - Financial domination and distance training at its finest, high-class and elite. Personal slavery - real life and online.

BDSM Mistress Kate - Well honoured, playful, respected red haired, serious Dutch Mistress from Holland - Thousands of pics of your favorite female celebrities, all smoking cigarettes.

Gently Bitten - Mind-Control Stories and Hypnotic Recordings For Men And Women, by Chewtoy

Little Men Stories - stories about men being forced to become feminine. Illustrated and narrated stories.

Mistress Alexandria - Mistress Alexandria provides a variety of BDSM, Fetish and Role Play scenes for consensual erotic power play. Corporal Punishment/Percussion Play, Cross Dressing, Feminization, Foot/Shoe Worship, Financial Domination, Sissy/Slave training. Long distance sessions are available.